Reiki And Anaemia

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Reiki And Anaemia

Reiki is another form of alternative medicine. Although it can cure certain illnesses, one that has never been thoroughly studied in humans is anaemia.

anemia-1-324x235Anaemia is a common blood disorder and this happens when the person’s red blood cells are below normal. This often leads to other health problems like fatigue and stress that affects the body’s other organs.

Until such time that there is scientific proof that it can help patients who are suffering from anaemia, Reiki should not be recommended or even attempted. The person should seek the help of a medical professional and then work with what is available.

But if Reiki cannot be used to treat those suffering from anaemia, where can it be used? This technique has been known to energize the body and relieve it from stress, prevent physical disorders, maintain a balanced state of health as well as minimize a sense of helplessness when faced with a daunting situation. It can be used anywhere and at any time that may also be used on plants and animals.

The medical community for its part has only done a few tests to check on Reiki’s effectiveness. For instance, a random test shows that it has an adverse effect on the nervous system as it can lower one’s blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

Another suggests it can help the person fight the symptoms of depression. There was also a report stating that Reiki can aid in patients who are in stroke recovery since positive effects on both energy and mood have been noted.

The nice thing about Reiki is that it is completely safe. The patient does not have to be injected or required to swallow anything. He or she will just have to sit still and just relax while the practitioner puts the hand over the body.

reiki-therapy-for-anemia-922084-l-140x140It should also be pointed out that it does not attack the disease but rather supports the person experiencing the disease to encourage him or her to fight it in order to once again have a state of balance.

For those that want to try it, they can do so as long as they use their common sense. If the doctor tells them that they have to take certain medication, it is best that they do follow it and they use alternative forms of medicine like Reiki to help them out.

This is after it has been pointed out that doctors have taken interest with Reiki and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM which is already taught in most US medical schools.

Despite the lack of tests, some doctors also insist patients to try it out since these are low risk practices that do not have adverse side effects.

The difference between conventional medicine and Reiki is the approach. The traditional way focuses on detection on treatment while the other sees it from a holistic, whole person approach that extends way beyond the person’s psychophysiology.

Is one better than the other? That is really hard to tell. So until such time that Reiki can cure anaemia and any other disorder, patients and their loved ones are advised to approach this situation the conventional way given that this the most logical choice.2202373

Just remember that there is nothing wrong thinking outside the box because you might just get lucky and find a cure.

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Understanding Reiki

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Understanding Reiki

670px-Use-Creative-Visualization-to-Get-Anything-You-Desire-Step-02With all the stresses brought by the modern world, it is only common to people to look for alternatives in relieving their stress. Aside from resulting to medications and other treatments that give the promise of comfort and relaxations, people are now resulting to ancient means of relieving stress such as Reiki.

The Japanese word “Reiki” refers to a unique technique that is used for reducing stress. Ultimately used to relieve aches brought by too much stress, Reiki is also used to aid relaxation and healing not only of the person’s physical body but his or her soul and spirit as well.

Administered by “laying on hands,” this technique for healing is believed to be effective through the use of an invisible force of life energy that flows in every living and breathing individual.

In the concept of Reiki, it is believed that when the level of a person’s life force energy is incredibly low, he or she will likely to be stressed out more often and have a higher tendency to get sick or ill compared to those people with high level of life energy force.

ReikiHandsGraphicNEW2008In Reiki, it is also proven that those people who are living healthy, stress-free and happy lives possess high level of life force energy which enable them to have positive outlook in life. These people also have greater capability to face the challenges of everyday living.

Developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Tendai Buddhist in the year 1922, Reiki has been a very popular form of relieving stress to people all over the world. Since its discovery, the technique Reiki has evolved in various forms and has been practiced by numerous Reiki masters across the globe.

Reiki as a means of healing

More and more people are into Reiki in the previous years because the technique has shown great and incredible results. For most people who have tried it, the treatment is a wonderful solution to relieving stress. This is because they don’t have to spend so much money in buying medication that can have grave side effects and they don’t also have to undergo through painful body exercises and unhealthy regimens.

Reiki is considered as a wonderful means of relaxation because it uses the innate warmth and energy in a person. This energy is then converted to a “purer” form of energy—free from the busy schedule and toxicities of modern living. People who have tried Reiki say that the technique does not only treat the person’s physical body but also alleviates the burden in emotions, lessens the clutter of the mind, and nourishes a deteriorated spirit.images (2)

When a person is free from all these physical and emotional burdens, he or she will benefit from a relaxed in almost all kinds of environment because the feelings of calmness and serenity are infused within his or her system.

Unlike other techniques for relaxation, Reiki is one of the most simple and all natural means of healing a person’s spirit. In fact, it is so safe that almost all people can make use of it. When used properly and trained religiously, Reiki can be an answer to all the health and emotional problems of people.

But, in order to make use of the Reiki properly, one must attend a class where the ability is transferred. Using “attunement” conducted by a Reiki master, one can easily learn to convert his or her innate energy into a healthy and beneficial use.

Here, the student is guided by the master in tapping the limitless source of energy and use it to improve his or her quality of life.

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The Beauty Of Reiki Healing

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The Beauty Of Reiki Healing

In a stressed out world like what we have today, more and more people are opting for other treatments other than using medications to help them achieve a more stable levels of thinking and emotions. This is because they have noticed that the more they depend on medication and treatments related to it, the more they feel weak, stressed out, and sick.

1347186935_437055317_1-Reiki-Treatment-islamabadSo, instead to suffering from the side effects of various medications, many people opt for a more traditional treatment such as Reiki healing.

Founded on the significant benefits of the human touch, Reiki healing is preferred by more and more people—especially those who are suffering from terminal cases and illnesses—because it provides a more “human” approach to healing. Since it is more soothing and comforting that the number of apparatus that are used in various hospitals and medical centres, Reiki healing has become an option to people who are tired of relying on medical treatments.

What sets this alternative therapy from the modern form of healing today is the more “human” feel into it. Many people prefer this because it lessens the depression their feel brought the illness or emotional pains knowing that a person/people understand what are they going through.

How Reiki healing works

Reiki healing works through the use of the never-ending cycle of love energy in people. Reiki healing utilizes the innate life force energy flowing in each individual and converts it into a more productive energy force.

Transferred from one person to another, this life energy force can heal a person’s emotional imbalance, heals the dying spirit, and calms the mind. If it cannot be channelled from one person to another during a Reiki class, an individual can also use it alone especially if there’s a great need to boost a person’s morale or spirit.

Reiki healing can be a perfect key in solving people’s personal predicaments if only they give it a try. Unlike modern medications that can cost so much money along with numerous side effects, Reiki healing would not rob you off so much money especially if you have mastered it for yourself.

The only expenses you’ll be needing to achieve the benefits of Reiki healing is the fee for enrolment in a Reiki class and references such as magazines and books for practising Reiki.

For Reiki healing to work properly and effectively, a person must first be able to achieve a higher will. When a personReiki-The-Touch-Therapy-that-Cures-Body-and-Mind-2
has a high will, it can enable somebody to set aside his or her self-centered intentions. Once this is done, a person can experience a blissful encounter with his or herself and can share this wonderful feeling of healing and contentment to other people.

Reiki healing can also be more effective when a person can channel or transfer his or her energy to those people in need. Once a person can do this, his or her will be accredited to a higher level, which can enable him or her to achieve peacefulness, calmness, and optimism in life.

In Reiki healing, the life force energy is channelled or transferred from one person to another through attunement. Usually takes place in Reiki classes and supervised by a Reiki master, this transfer of life force energy is remotely done to ensure its success.

Aside from healing a person’s spirit, Reiki also helps a person to balance his or her priorities in life to achieve a more relaxed and content life.

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Spiritual Healing

REIKI AJARI YUGA – by James Deacon

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An Esoteric Empowerment-Deepening Meditation
by James Deacon

The Reiki Ajari-Yuga meditation is based on the practices of Guru Yoga and Kaji as found within the esoteric traditions of Tibetan & Japanese Buddhism

Seated comfortably in a suitable meditation posture, begin by becoming aware of a formless stream of air at the tip of your nose (this has been referred to as “feeling the air in a mysterious way”).

11246107_1587783511483239_980489912_nLet thoughts and feelings arise and pass away, without evaluation.

After some moments, focus your thoughts:

Recognise the impermanence of composite forms – that all things are continually in a state of change and transformation…

Recognise the wisdom which holds: “With your thoughts, words & actions you shape your world” – that your present state is essentially the result of past thoughts, words and actions; and right now you are sowing the seeds for your future…

Recognise the precious opportunity you have now – that you can benefit countless beings through the discipline and practice of Reiki…

Finally, recognise that you only possess the ability to benefit others with Reiki because you have received Initiation-Attunement from one already possessing this gift.

Acknowledge your Reiki Lineage back to Usui Sensei, truly understanding and appreciating the debt of gratitude you owe to him: that were it not for Usui Sensei – were it not for his dedication, his tireless efforts, diligent study and practice of spiritual disciplines, there would be no Reiki for you to share with others…

Reiki is a blessing, an instantaneously conferred ‘Sacred Potential’ – for Healing, Protection and Spiritual Development.

In Reiki, Usui-Sensei has provided you with a means by which you can realise the immediate unfoldment of a level of ability that would otherwise have possibly taken you many years of conscious effort to reach.

With this in mind, bring your attention to focus on the Reiki Principles
( – whichever translation, whether literal or poetic, you are most comfortable with, e.g:)

“Just for today …

Do not rise to anger

Do not succumb to worry

Express Gratitude for all your blessings

Apply yourself diligently

Manifest compassion to all beings”

Do not simply recall the words – rather, immerse yourself in the experience of their deep implications…

After a few moments:

Visualise an ocean with a placid, mirror-like surface.
Above it, the sky is clear and cloudless.
Rising above the horizon, like a full moon disk, you perceive a great luminous sphere – a transparent bubble of light.

Inside this great transparent bubble, the familiar ‘Reiki’ kanji appears, actively radiating a pure bright light.

The Reiki kanji inside the bubble begins to spin, gathering momentum – faster and faster, dissolving in a blur of motion as the radiance of the light becomes stronger, brighter – expanding outwards – filling your entire field of vision.

Gradually, the intensity of this pure light decreases and out of its midst condenses the golden, luminous, transparent form of Usui Sensei, a radiant field of golden light-energy.
Sitting on a lotus-seat, in meditation posture, he is surrounded by light.
Usui Sensei appears in your minds-eye as being dignified and tranquil.
His face is golden and filled with compassion.
He sees you, knows you and wishes you everything good.

Here in this moment Usui Sensei unites space, time and mind and is the very embodiment – the absolute personification – of the radiant, energetic, spiritual sentience that is Reiki.REIKI_force

His essence is here with you whether a clear image is perceived or not.

In (comm)union with Usui Sensei, you enter into a purer, more sublime level of (comm)union with Reiki than may otherwise be achieved through simple contemplation of Reiki as an ‘energy’.

Usui Sensei smiles and comes ever closer through space.

He now remains at a pleasant distance in front of you.

Relax your body and open your heart.
Generate feelings of compassion and gratitude.
With sincerest, heart-felt soul-emotion, in your own words (either out loud or silently) express your desire to deepen your level of immersionin / communion with, Reiki for the benefit of your self and all beings…

The transparent, golden light-energy form of Usui Sensei grows sharper and clearer now.

In the centre his forehead, a radiant CKR symbol glows, and from this point, Usui Sensei sends forth a beam of brilliant, strong clear white light which enters your own forehead. Your whole body is filled with powerful clear white light. The light purifies you on the physical level, dissolving all disturbing impressions in brain, nerves and senses. All causes and karmic imprints of harmful actions disappear and you feel your entire body relax.
Your body becomes a conscious tool for protecting and helping others.
You retain perception of the clear white light for as long as you wish and experience the inner vibration of the CKR symbol…

Next, from Usui Sensei’s throat, a radiant beam of brilliant, strong clear red light streams out, and in this beam, you perceive the characters of the mantra HSZSN. The beam enters your throat, dissolving away all karmic hindrances and difficulties from your speech. All impressions of harmful and confused words disappear and you become conscious of your speech. Your speech is now filled with compassion and wisdom, a powerful tool for benefiting others.
Relaxing even deeper, you retain perception of the clear red light for as long as you wish and experience the deep vibration of the mantra HSZSN…

At the heart centre in Usui Sensei’s golden, luminous, transparent body, a radiant SHK symbol glows. From here, an intense beam of brilliant, strong clear deep blue light shines out. It fills the middle of your chest, entering your heart centre, cleansing the karmic hindrances from your mind. Disturbing feelings and rigidity of thought dissolve and your mind becomes spontaneous joy as you relax into the subtlest dimension of your being.
You retain perception of the clear deep blue light for as long as you wish and experience the inner vibration of the SHK symbol…

And finally, from the three centres: forehead, throat & heart, of Usui Sensei’s golden form, come rainbow rays of clear light of five colours: yellow, white, red, green and blue, (the pure lights of the five elements) all of which are absorbed into your own corresponding centres, purifying the last traces of obscuration and conferring the fourth level of empowerment.
You retain the awareness of the five pure elemental lights for as long as you wish, then in front of you, Usui Sensei’s transparent, golden form dissolves into pure bright light, and in the light, you perceive the DKM.
The pure bright light flows into you, is absorbed into you, and you and the light become one.
All form disappears – you are the pure light – and the light is Reiki and you experience the inner vibration of the DKM…

There is now only awareness of Reiki, everywhere, with no centre or limit.
All effort, visualisation and thought dissolves, and you rest in clear Reiki Presence…

You meditate in a formless state of mind, without any frame of reference, without any conceptual elaboration, simply allowing your mind to rest in that state of (comm)union with Reiki – of being Reiki – for as long as possible…

Now your surroundings, this world and all other perceived dimensions of being, appear perfect and pure.
Every atom vibrates with joy and is held together by love.
Everything is fresh and meaningful, radiant with unlimited potential…

Gradually, you experience your own body condensing back out of light – out of space – becoming substantial once more.
It is power and joy.
Something profound has happened.
Before, you WERE your body and thus vulnerable to old age, sickness, death and loss.
Now you HAVE your body. Body, mind and speech are conscious tools for benefiting others.
You understand that your true essence is the clear Reiki Awareness just experienced.

You decide to keep this understanding in all life’s situations and intend that the experience of Reiki Awareness becomes limitless.

Generate feelings of compassion and gratitude.
With sincerest, heart-felt soul-emotion, in your own words (either out loud or silently) give thanks and dedicate your Reiki practice to the benefit of your self and all beings…

Thank you for your time in reading this article by James Deacon, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below also check out our Facebook page



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Alternative Therapy V Western Medicine

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I had a great response to one of my articles on alternative therapy’s and would like to thank everyone for their comments, some of them were mixed views so I have decided to do a follow on article.

Using reiki as an alternative therapy is good and does work to a certain extent, you need to believe and trust in reiki in order for it to work.

Western medicines also works to a certain degree, depending on what type of illness and how ill the patient is, I am not against doctors or hospitals, if it was not for the doctors at my local hospital I would not be here today.alternative-medicine-vs-western-medicine

Our society is changing and there is a lot of different beliefs out there, one of the comments I have received state that very sick and dying patients including children will not change because of reiki, I agree that reiki cannot help everyone and I know that there are people out there that will disagree with this and will state that reiki can cure the terminally ill, I do respect peoples views and will not condemn them as rubbish, If we all believed in the same things this world would be a boring place to live.

What I am trying to say is that everybody has their own beliefs, some will rely on western medicine whilst some will rely on alternative therapy’s, I have just started to believe in reiki and what it can do, but I also use western medicine when needed.

I am not saying try one or the other but try both, some hospitals already use reiki practitioners especially for cancer patients to help alleviate the side effects of radio/chemo therapy, to help patients who are going to have operations to help de-stress and help calm them down.

Alternative therapy will never take the place of western medicine but by joining forces this would benefit the patience ten fold, because at the end of the day the patience needs come first, or they should do.

As for the terminally ill patience, alternative therapy is not going to change their prognoses but it can help them by eliminating fear and stress, just by holding someone’s can change the way they feel by giving them comfort and even peace.

3840642-1x1-700x700I apologise if this article offends anyone this was not my intention but everybody has their own belief systems and that is what makes us unique, if alternative therapy and western medicine combined forces rather than be negative towards each other, who knows what could happen.

I truly believe that the patient has the right to choose what their treatment consists of, so maybe the doctors and practitioners should listen more to what the patient wants.

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below


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Reiki Does Work

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Reiki Does Work!

There are a lot of criticism and disputes whether reiki really works or not.

Medical practitioners look on reiki with contempt and disdain, the idea of an invisible energy that helps heal the human body was deemed nonsense.

In the US the medical community are offering patience alternative healing programs such as reiki, as reiki is an energy healing treatment that works on the whole of the body, mind and spirit.PBT_REIKI082711A_188505a_8col

Reiki is not a religious belief system, it is a treatment that aids relaxation, relieves stress and pain, releases emotional blockages and accelerates natural healing.

There are over 4,000,000 people in the world today that have taken at least the level one course of reiki training and today reiki education is offered free of charge n more than 800 US hospitals.

Reiki is growing world wide as people are starting to want to take care of their health using alternative methods, some doctors/surgeons welcome alternative methods where as other doctors/surgeons are very closed minded and do not believe in any other way than surgery and drugs.

As I have stated before in another article about Dr Anne Brand, the patient needs must come first, doctors, surgeons and practitioners on alternative medicine must work together to help the patience, if they work together they can accomplish great thing, don’t you agree?

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below


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Alternative Healer – Dr Anne Brand

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Alternative Therapy V Western Medicine


6573620-3x2-340x227Dr Anne Brand has taken up the role of Interim Chief Executive of the new Tasmanian Health Service (THS) this week and was backed by a Hobart Reiki Master.

Dr Brand had her own alternative therapy clinic in New South Wales in which she offered energy healing, crystal therapy and aurasoma, Dr Brand is also the co-founder of Health Mind Body, they offer alternative therapy.

The Tasmanian doctor’s do not approve of Dr Anne Brand’s appointment and are refusing to work with her because of her work with alternative therapy undermines her credibility.

The Australian Medical Association’s Dr Tim Greenway expresses his feelings that Dr Anne Brand is not suitable for the role, but the Tasmanian Health Minister dismisses the Dr Greenway’s concerns and sent a statement to the ABC news stating that Dr Brand is more than qualified for the role.

This is a problem in some health services as doctor’s are blinded by their own beliefs and ego’s that alternative medicine is real, but even though their patients search out alternative medicine it does not mean that the practitioners/healers dismiss what doctors and surgeons do.

Doctor’s and surgeons save lives and heal people, healers and/or practitioners heal and help people who are in pain, they are not there to replace Western Medicine, they are there to help the patient to relieve their pain and symptoms of disease.

Alternative therapy such as reiki is to help people to tune their bodies to receive the energy to kick start their own bodies natural ability to heal.

In some hospitals they have practitioners/healers on their staff to help patients who have had surgery to PBT_REIKI082711A_188505a_8colhelp alleviate their pain without having to pump them full of drugs/chemicals into the patients bodies, surely that is a good thing isn’t it?

In my opinion alternative therapy and western medicine should be able to work together as the patients needs should come first.

Best wishes and good luck to Dr Anne Brand in her new position, its not going to be easy because of the negative attitude of the other doctors but for us who believe in alternative medicine will always be behind you.

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below


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Alternative Therapy

Usui Reiki Level 2 – The Healing

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Reiki Level 2

Once you have completed level 1 and have also completed the calming period of 21 days (to help your body get use to the energy and your emotions) you can now go on and start level 2.

In level 2 the master will show you four three power symbols in which you will learn how to draw energy from, the student has to practice drawing these symbols repeatedly until they have committed them to memory, once this has been achieved all the paper copies are burned as the symbols are sacred and should not be shared outside of the classroom.reiki-level-II

Ok, you are taught more healing techniques that you can use on yourself and your family and friends and you also shown the art of distant healing, which is healing a friend who may be in hospital so you would send healing to them using your mind, you will also learn more about the ‘Universal Life Energy’.  A class usually lasts over a period of 2 to 3 days.

To help you to become one with reiki I find that meditation and visualization helps a lot as it get you into the right mindset, there are a lot of courses that can help you with meditation and visualization techniques just search on Google.

I myself have just started level 2, but I have noticed a difference since I have started studying reiki, I am a lot more relaxed, a lot less stressed, I am sleeping better at night and I am also quitting smoking, my aim is to be healthier and to help other people to feel the same whether it is having treatments or taking the reiki classes/course.
We have one life, it is up to us as individuals how we live our lives, we all make mistakes but it is what we learn from train_txt2them that counts, we don’t get do-overs, in the past I went down a destructive path and their is nothing I can do now to change that, but I can change what path I want to lead and so can you.

It is never to late to change direction, learn something new and change your whole lifestyle for the better.

We have one life so make it count.

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below


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Reiki Levels

How Reiki Works – Understand Reiki

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How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki is a system of natural healing that involves channelling energy through the hands to promote balance and good health.pic-reiki-004

Reiki is Japanese and means ‘Universal Life Energy’, it is also a system that naturally heals the mind, body and spirit.

The energy that surrounds us flows through the hands of the practitioner/healer to the patient/client who is receiving the treatment to promote health and natural healing.



Learning The Art Of Reiki

Anyone can learn reiki, it does not require any special skill or experience, all that is needed is an open mind and the genuine desire to learn how to use reiki.

Once you have completed your course reiki is yours forever, to use in times of when feeling pain or stress, it can feel wonderfully empowering to know that you can heal yourself or anyone else who is suffering so to help bring relief an relaxation.

The reiki treatments are totally safe, non-invasive and can be used alongside other therapy’s including conventional medicine such as Aromatherapy, Massage, Chemotherapy, or even Radiotherapy as there is no physical contact involved.

Anyone of any age whether in their senior years or the very young – this includes babies as they can benefit from this as well.




Reiki – The Universal Life Energy

Reiki is based on the principle of there being a ‘Universal Energy’ flowing around and within us that can be channelled by the practitioner/healer once they have been attuned to the energy.

The universal energy is used to stimulate the body’s own natural healing in the following ways:

  • Mental – eases stress and depression
  • Physical – relieves aches and pains
  • Emotional – promotes personal development
  • Spiritual – brings peace, tranquillity and spiritual growth

It’s like this, the body absorbs the energy just like a plant absorbs water.  Some Practitioners/healers use crystals to focus and channel the energy.




How To Get Started With Reikireiki-slide

Before you begin any reiki healing session you need to make some simple preparations so take the time to sense where the energy is needed and to even out the patients/clients aura.




How To Establish A Problem

When someone is feeling out of sorts the problem may not be in the most obvious part of the body, for example, an ache in one area may be caused by a trapped nerve or a energy blockage in another part of the body.




Sensing The Energy Changes

Reiki practitioners/healers can sense where the problem is by feeling slight changes in the energy by running their hands along the patients/clients body from head to toe (kind of like having a scan at the hospital).

The practitioner/healer or the patient/client may feel some kind of sensations, such as:

  • Attraction – when the practitioner/healers hands are drawn to a specific area, meaning this part needs reiki.
  • Repulsion – When the practitioner/healer can feel their hands being pushed away, now this could be caused by a problem that is in need of attention.
  • Flow – the practitioner/healer can often feel the flow of energy flowing through them.
  • Heat – sometimes the hands can feel warmer over areas that need reiki energy the most.
  • Cold – sometimes the hand can get a cold feeling which indicates a blockage (energy is not flowing through the body as it should)
  • Tingling – this can sometimes indicate a severe problem that needs urgent attention
  • Pain – sometime the practitioner/healer can feel pain which indicates a build up of energy in their body which means that they will need to ground themselves to disperse the access energy.



Reiki is a way of life, whether you just want to use it on yourself or on others, to completely feel the reiki energy you must do treatment on yourself everyday and embrace it, reiki is free and you will be happier and healthier.  So what have you got to lose.

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below


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About Reiki

Understanding Energy – How To Channel Energy

Posted on June 21, 2015 By

Understanding Energy Channelling

The healing energy can be channelled into and through the body using our hands, crystals or even using feathers (yes you heard right I said feathers), so to restore our body’s natural balance and health.

Through the history of our time healing and balance have always been the focus of many religions and therapies.

Spiritual healing, which is a belief in a higher power that has the ability to heal us or help our body’s ability to heal itself, this has been in practice for a great deal long than modern medicine with its reliance on chemicals and c520cd7d52a39c802a15768dd0614dbbsurgery.

Sensitive Energy Fields

Many of the holistic healers believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself or be healed depending on the changes being made to the energy fields that is in and around us.

There are many ways that healing energy is channelled, but most of the spiritual healing methods are focused on harnessing the energy and to bring about the healing of our body.

Some of the simplest of tools like sound, colour, crystals, feathers, totem animals as well as using your hands have all been discovered to have the ability to channel healing energy.

How is the healing energy channelled?

Good question, in most systems that channel healing use a tool such as a crystal which is used to access the healing energy.

Often this kind of channelling relies on the tool used to focus the energy which has the particular qualities through which the healing energy can be accessed.

The Healing Hands

Hands on healing is used in the belief that the practitioner/healers hands act as a conduit for healing energy to be passed directly to the patient/clients body and spirit.

enlightenment6_pacis photo_0But, some practitioner/healers will not use physical touch, but will instead transmit the healing power through the patient/clients aura.

They still use their hands as a tool, but it is what as known as ‘Aura Healing, the practitioner/healers hands are placed just roughly about 5cm – 10cm above the patient/clients body to restore their energy field.

Different Types Of Channelled Healing

From different types of cultures the nature of healing methods varies, but most forms of healing work on the same principle of channelling energy into the body.

North American Medicine Wheels

The medicine wheel represents the circle of life and is regarded as the most powerful healing tool by the Native American Indians.

Compass DirectionsMW-40-whitehawk-1

A medicine wheel incorporates the compass directions – North, South, East and West, which to its maker it has different meanings such as healing, passion and power.

For each direction an animal totem is chosen and an effigy is placed in that direction.

Once the wheel is completed its maker prays to it, asking for healing and change, then leaves promising to make another medicine wheel.

Healing Feathers

Native Ways 007Native American Indians healers use feathers in a many different ways to promote healing.  In some cases, the healer chants through a feather by placing it onto the patients body to bring about healing.

Different types of feathers are selected for use depending on what the patients condition is.  For example a turkey feather can be used in the healing of any digestive disorders.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing that focuses on restoring a disrupted flow of energy within the patient/clients body.reflexologybodybalancereikilbalance

The name reiki comes from ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Spiritual Consciousness’ and ‘Ki’  meaning ‘Universal Life Force’.

In reiki, the hands are the tool through which the practitioner/healer passes energy to the patient/clients body so to activate its self-healing abilities, which means that the hands are used as a conduit to re-balancing the energy.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is very similar to what is used in crystal healing.

bigstock_Vibration_swirl_abstract__19429670Everything has its own vibration including the organs in our own bodies, but when the vibrations is out of sync that is when we start to feel ill and subject to disease.

By exposing the body to the correct vibration which is projected either electronic or by using the voice, the balance and health can be restored.

Just think about that for the moment, how many of you have switched on the radio or iPod when you are feeling low or stressed?  How did you feel afterwards? Pretty amazing I bet, you see everyone is using energy vibrations everyday for healing without realising it.

Tibetan Healing

The ancient ‘Singing Bowl’ of Tibet are one of the earliest examples of sound healing.  They arrived in Tibet from India in the 6th century BC at the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni.bowl

Healing The Chakras

The ‘Singing Bowl’ are traditionally used in the aid of meditation, but they are also used in healing, as it was discovered that the rich sounds they produced when struck had a sort of healing effect on the Chakras which are the energy centres of the body.

The use of the ‘Tibetan Prayer Wheel’ also has a long tradition in healing.  This consists of a container packed with copies of the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Mum’, it was then wound around an axle and then mounted onto a handle, it is then spun around and around in a clockwise direction to release blessings.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has been used for many centuries by many different types of healers and cultures and regarded sacred.  The ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, Shamans, Reiki and even Wiccan’s use crystals to heal.

crystal_healingThe Power Of Crystals

Due to their perfect atomic structure, crystals provide an energy with which the body can retune itself.

During a crystal healing session a selection of crystals will be placed on or around the patient/clients according to the practitioner/healers assessment for the appropriate energy for the patient/clients condition.
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